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Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Word About the Photos

Just a word about the photos on this blog.

When I first began to click and save photos, it was strictly for personal research and enrichment, so I right-clicked and saved like a wild man, failing to save source info. Before long, it was tens of thousands of images.

I sincerely regret this now, as I want to share Kansas City facts and pictures with the world. (And provide credit and web links to those sources.)

As a short term solution, I have watermarked all photos which are my own. So any photos NOT watermarked as mine, were obtained online. (Except the Header Photo--It is mine, but the gigantic sizing of the watermark looked ridiculous.)

If anyone recognizes his or her photo, and contacts me, I will be happy to either: 1) Give proper credit to that photographer, as well as your own website or your page on, etc, 2) remove the photo entirely, (not my favorite option) or 3) replace it with a watermarked or smaller version of your photo.

In the case of my own photos, proper credit is all I'm interested in, not revenue. I am not a professional photographer, nor do I shoot with professional equipment. I have no plans to disable the "right-click-save feature" on my pics. But please give due credit.

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